We offer services to a variety of clients with different objectives. The common denominator is Jon’s passion to deliver stunning representations of the world we live in. Our drones can be set up in a wide range of environments and we know how to get the perfect shot to fulfil any client brief, creating aerial photos tailored to your requirements.

personalised property

Jon has vast experience of creating souvenir images for anyone who wants that special photo of their home or business, or of a particular important place.

From sweeping panoramas to a beautiful golf course aerial shot the vistas Up Top create capture a moment, a scene, a view to remember in a way no other technology can. If you have somewhere in mind you’d like to see shown at its best then watch our videos and imagine how your setting would look viewed through the stunning perspective of our photography.

Jon's expertise ensures that the perfect shot is found every time, no matter what the setting, giving a unique spin to marketing material guaranteed to stand out.

We live in a visual world. The growth of YouTube and other video sharing platforms has led to an explosion of content. The ease with which videos can be released means that a lot of material falls below professional standards. But in a competitive marketing world businesses need to retain that edge to interest potential customers or sponsors.

As a well-established and elite aerial photographer Jon is able to capture imaginations and tell a visual story, pushing the message clients want their customers to connect with.

Big sports personalities are often the gateway to get customers connecting with the story sponsors want to tell, but it is the cutting edge technology bringing these stories to life that is the driving force behind that connection.

building surveys

As well as properties or individual businesses/events we can also do more extensive landscapes for surveying purposes.

This can be for:

  • Insurance
  • GIS mapping
  • Construction surveys
  • Assessment of potential development land
  • Agricultural/geological/environmental
  • Structural surveys

Providing safer inspection solutions to collect the data you need.

estate agent photography

Traditional ways of selling properties are changing. The internet allows vendors and buyers to connect in new ways, and Estate Agents are now adapting their services to provide more than just introductions.

Requests for an 'aerial view of my house' are no longer only something to be kept as a special memento, but another means of presenting real estate to an engaged audience in a dynamic way. This ability to produce safe, cost-effective and stunning HD illustrations of how a property sits within its surroundings has catapulted close range aerial camera services to the forefront of these developments, helping potential buyers visualise properties in a more holistic way, rather than broken down into components.

From a practical point of view drones can achieve previously unobtainable perspectives without the need for scaffolding or access platforms or working-at-height restrictions. This cuts costs, poses fewer health and safety risks and produces incredible results.

drone lessons

Drones have mainly been associated with military applications or for use by specialised personnel like ourselves at Up Top, but although they're not something for the casual hobbyist we recognise there is a growing fascination with their capabilities. Use of drones is thankfully highly regulated; in inexperienced hands they are not only dangerous but expensive to replace if things don't go to plan.

We can offer the experience and guiding hand to allow you to experience some of the thrill of using this incredible new technology.

Jon is based in Cheshire so drone lessons need to be somewhere in the surrounding area. If you're interested get in touch for a chat or fill in our contact form.