Due to the affordability of drones lots of people have them but few people are aware of the law relating to flying a drone. We’ve all seen in the news some of the horror stories of drones being used to film celebrities in their gardens or even the recent story of a drone almost hitting a commercial plane. We have even heard people refer to drones as a toy. Have one land on your head from 300ft and see how much fun that would be!

We see time and time again people filming with a UAV that they have shared on social media. Normally they are over heavily populated areas and thought of one falling from the skies doesn’t bear thinking about.

So what is the law when flying a drone in the UK? Well if the drone weighs less than 20kg and is not being used for commercial purposes you can use it. However and this is a big however, you cannot fly it within 150 metres of a congested area and within 50 metres of a vessel, person, vehicle or structure that is not under the control of you the pilot.

If flying it in the middle of a field you will probably be safe but anywhere other than that and you are likely in breach of these rules.

How high can I fly the drone? Well common sense would tell you that you need to keep it within sight but it can’t be higher than 400 feet in altitude or 500 metres horizontally. Anything above that and you need to speak to the lovely people at the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

If you are making any money from your use of a drone regardless of size etc then rather than waffle on about all the regulations it is best to read here the guidance from the CAA:

Don’t forget that drones are not cheap so if you need drone flying lessons please do get in touch here.

eagles trained to attack drones

This made us chuckle, apparently Dutch Police are using Eagles to down unauthorized drones. It appears this is more where criminal activity is taking place such as prisons etc but we prefer the lazer gun approach personally!

Seriously though it is an issue and we have seen in Japan authorities using other drones to capture smaller drones in a net.

Remember that drones are great and safe when used safely and responsibly.

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